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Business Storage

For a wide range of business sectors including financial, legal, local councils, communications, property, charities, public sector we provide general storage facilities for items diverse as furniture, exhibition materials, paperwork, IT hardware and christmas decorations. It only takes one call or email for us to organise collection of your items to go into storage. Items can be delivered back whenever within one working day when required.

Film and Video

We specialise in storing video and audio tapes, film negative and all associated materials including contracts, artwork and even props and furniture. We do this for advertising agencies, production and post production companies, private archive collections and also count legal and property companies amongst our clients. We dedicate a zone to you in our warehouse where all your materials are kept, they are not intermingled with materials from other clients as is often the norm with other storage companies.

Data - Hard Drive and LTO storage

Data is growing at an enormous rate with the advent of high definition media. Storing important data, be it media or digital documentation, in one single place on domestic portable hard drives is very risky due to their high failure rates. Your digital data will have been produced at enormous expense and is irreplaceable hence a resilient, robust and safe storage strategy is an absolute must. The Stockroom will transfer your hard drives to LTO tape and will then include 5 years storage of the LTO tape as part of the package. Stockroom London offers robust offline, nearline and online storage solutions to meet all requirements from instant online access to your media and data to highly robust and reliable industrial offline data storage.

Connected Workspace

The Stockroom has dark fibre connectivity provided by Zayo networks, we are 'on net' and can offer pure bandwidth, unhindered by traffic bottlenecks. With 10,000 square feet of secure space and an electricity sub-station on site we can host any operation or project that requires, space , power and connectivity such as ingest, scanning and uploading operations, disaster recovery operations and hosting server and storage co-location projects. We are flexible in our approach and can 'flex' to fit your project requirements.
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We are FACT certified

The Fact Certification Scheme is administered by FACT on behalf of its members. Any businesses wishing to provide services to the audio-visual industry must satisfy members they have sufficiently high levels of security in order to safeguard the intellectual property rights of FACT members. The best way a company can show it has the necessary security requirements is by becoming a company certified by FACT. For full details visit the FACT Certification website

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